Home Buying Survey

Some homes get sold without surveys, but this is usually pretty risky. This especially seems true in older neighborhoods where homeowners have a general idea where their property boundaries are but nobody is exactly sure any longer. Also, home buying surveys will produce maps of where utility lines run, and this information can help prevent accidents and problems when work gets done in the back yard.

How Much Do Home Buying Surveys Cost?

Prices vary by the location and size and type of the property. In the US, average surveys are about $380. Usually, the cost of the survey can get rolled inside of closing costs, so it may not have to get paid out of pocket. If there is no current survey, there are many reasons why it is a good investment.

Reasons To Have A Survey Done Before Home Purchases

If the original survey has been lost, it is always a good idea to get a new one prepared. Even if a survey was done many years ago, it is a good idea to get a new one done because some things, like utility lines, could be different. For example, utilities like cable TV were not even common a few decades ago, so they might not be included upon an old map.

In any case, if some improvements are made, it is important to have a survey. For example, a swimming pool company will need one before they start work on a new pool. Some home buyers may figure they will save money on closing costs and get a survey done later if they ever need it. But this isn’t always a very good idea.

For example, there have been cases where neighbor’s fences actually stood well inside the property line of the homeowner. That means that part of his land was inside his neighbor’s fences. It may have only been a few inches or a couple of feet, and since it had been that way for years, it was actually not a big deal in normal circumstances. However, if there is an issue with repairs in one yard or the other, it could be important.

Also, if the house needs to get sold, new buyers may not be eager to know that property they are paying for is actually inside of the neighbor’s yard. While no existing neighbor may want to cause trouble over a couple of feet, that will probably not be true of new buyers. In order to save trouble, it is better to always have a survey to go by in order to save trouble later.

Buyers Should Demand Survey Maps

In this day and age, home buyers should always demand a survey map. In some areas, they are required, but this is not always true. Sellers should plan on producing them for buyers. If the seller does not have a current map, they should probably plan on investing in one. It can save trouble and help sales proceed much faster and more smoothly.